Bregje Peters posted by on February 5, 2014

Hi all,

Let me introduce myself. My name is Bregje, as you mention not an easy name to pronounce. But after a few times practice I am sure you are able to call my name. Don’t worry after a few months in Finland I will react to everything that starts with BR..

My name and I come from the Netherlands, a small country in Europe. You call us the Dutch or the creazy orange during the world cup. The Netherlands is famous by the coffeeshops, where you can drink coffee but also smoking our world famous joints. Besides this the Netherlands has much more to offer. Think of the windmills, red light district and flowers.

This were just the most obvious things about the Netherlands. I would like to tell you more about my country, the way i experience it.

I grown up in a small village in Brabant, the southern part of the Netherlands.  In the most lovely family you ever imagine. Surrounded by 7 siblings (2 brothers and 5 sisters), my grandma, mam and dad.

In 2012 I decided to take the step to take control! Point 0 is the name of the company I started with Shannon. Check out our website!